Just a simple page to sign up folks for some nice meat birds, coming this fall.  They’re courtesy of our employee, Falin Darling, who raises them on her small farm near Delta.

These are nice, happy, healthy birds, raised on pasture.  They should finish around 4-6 pounds or so, and will cost somewhere between $20-30/bird.  The price is $5/pound.

They’ll be coming directly from a government inspected facility in North Mountain: you will have to meet Falin at our farm in Mid-October: the birds are fresh (not frozen) and should either be put in a deep freeze, or enjoyed from your fridge in the next few days. (We are not in the position to hold on to, or freeze birds for you).

Payment to her can come via cash or cheque.

Please fill out the form below to book in advance: she’ll be raising about 50 or so, so please sign up early to ensure you get what you’d like.

We’re excited to see our customers get this product (we get asked a lot about meat birds!), Falin does a great job, and we’re sure you’ll be real happy with them.