Our hens are happy and healthy: they live the best life a chicken can. Because of that, they make eggs better than you can find in any store.  Their eggs have solid shells, bright yolks and amazing flavour.  The birds range through our gardens and grasslands and are regularly moved to distribute their impact and manure – constantly freshened grazing which promotes excellent health and hygiene.  They consume unmedicated feed and get a tremendous amount of sustenance from their range alone.  You will immediately recognize the difference when you crack an egg from Salt of the Earth.

Morgan likes to chill with her birds.  Real hen party!

Morgan pets each of our hens daily.  Actually, she doesn’t.

Getting your hands on these eggs:


Friendly fowl. A good way to ruin a shirt!

Regulations around poultry are such that the maximum number of hens we can keep is 100.  This artificial ceiling unfortunately makes an already rare product even rarer: our supply is limited.

It is possible to pick up eggs at the farmgate: Lord willing, we’re around and there’s a few dozen to spare.

A better way to get our eggs is by signing up for an Egg Share subscription – you can be assured you’ll have yours when you come.

How an egg share works:


Feeding hens brewers grain on a young cover crop.

You pay for your subscription in advance – we run 6 month (26 week) intervals.
Price is $6/dozen.

Our next interval starts May 2nd and runs through to October 24th

Pick up days are Wednesdays 3:30-5:30pm, and Saturdays Noon-2pm
These days/times correspond with our Veg CSA

Sign Up For Eggs

If you’d like to sign up for the next 26 week interval: May 2nd – Oct. 24th please fill out the form below.  As mentioned, our production is limited – so be sure to sign up early – thanks!

Fine Print

  • chickeepoowe can’t offer week-on/week-off subscriptions
  • subscriptions are for 26 consecutive weeks, if you can’t make it – please either find a friend to fetch your eggs, or be willing to forfeit the week
  • although thus far we’ve had wonderful luck and our birds are quite secure, hens are vulnerable to predators, and a catastrophic attack could temporarily interrupt production – we reserve the right to pause subscriptions for a month or so if birds need to be replaced.
  • as always, empty egg cartons are appreciated!



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