SOLD OUT of seasoned wood for the winter.

Please feel free to place an order for 2018, so you won’t find yourself in this position next year!

We sell only high quality, seasoned hardwood. It is felled in fall and winter, processed in the spring, and delivered in the fall, after months curing in well ventilated stacks.  All of our wood is sustainably harvested on the farm, as part of forest management and land improvement activities.


Delivering firewood to Fort Henry for Lumina Borealis

It’s bucked to 16″ in length, and split into manageable sizes for most woodstoves and fireplaces.  It consists of ash, oak, hickory, maple, ironwood, elm, beech and birch. We do not include or sell any softwood (evergreens), punky, rotten wood, or species like poplar, soft maple, or basswood.   It is all premium heating fuel.

Our wood is sold by the cord measure.  That is a “full cord“, or “bush cord” of wood: a stack of 128 cubic feet. (roughly 4 x 4 x 8′).  Because our wood is delivered loose in our dump trailer or truck, we go with the measurement of 180 cubic feet per cord to approximate (as per the Maine Weights and Measures Act – the only law regarding firewood volumes in North America).


1/2 Cord, Delivered: $200

Full Cord, Delivered: $360

Two (2) Full Cords, Delivered: $700

Please feel free to enquire about volume discounts (4+ cords)

Our delivery area is visible in the map below. Deliveries to Howe Island cost an additional $40 per trip, Wolfe Island, $80. If you fall outside of this area, delivery can still be arranged, but will cost slightly more. Please call or e-mail for a quote.

Delivery Area

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We will be in contact with you shortly to confirm your order.