Flexible Farmstand CSA


IMG_20170725_165105 copyIn addition to the Traditional CSA, we also offer a more flexible option that allows you to pick what you want at your convenience from our market stand. Consider it more like a pre-paid account with a bonus discount! This is for folks who maybe aren’t around all summer, perhaps have a smaller household, or prefer to choose their weekly bounty.

Here’s the deal: You purchase a prepaid “gift-card” that can be used at your discretion on anything in our farm stand. This gives you not only a way to invest in our farm and high quality food, but also a significant discount because of it.

The card’s starting cost is $350, and with that you get $400 dollars credit at our farm stand on Highway 2 or in Sweets Corners.   You can redeem this at your leisure on anything you like that we sell there, this includes: vegetables, berries, flowers, herbs, and eggs, as well as any U-Pick produce and special orders for canning and preserving.   You can also buy larger cards that give an even deeper discount. Unfortunately we cannot accept the gift cards as payments for meat or firewood products.

Here are the details:IMG_20150801_122703 copy

  • Ideally you purchase the card sooner than later (we have a lot of expenses early in the year – though we’ll be selling them all season).
  • Your card will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.
  • Often our stand is operated on the ‘honour system’. If we aren’t physically there to redeem your purchases, you can write a note and an electronic receipt will be sent to you via email.
  • The farm stand will open in early May, starting with eggs and early greens/radishes, and be open until mid/late November.
  • Please note that similar to our Traditional CSA, the selection available is based on our seasonal production (ie: don’t expect tomatoes until August; some crops may not be available due to inclement weather/crop failure; etc). This option works best for folks who love produce and are creative in the kitchen; expect produce options to vary on an almost daily basis. ‘Prime time’ for the market stand quantity and variety is late summer – late August to October.
  • We encourage folks to use the card for the 2019 growing season and not carry any balance forward.
  • The balance can’t be applied to firewood or freezer meat.
  • There are no additional fees, and you can always add more cash to your card at the same rate as your initial purchase.

Please get in touch if you have any additional questions!!

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