Pigs love to be outside – and that’s how we raise them!  They get to root in the earth, eat fresh grass, wallow in the mud, bask in the sun, nestle in straw, and give birth when and how they like.  The quality of their diet and the fullness of their life is dramatically evident in the rich quality of their meat.  There’s no antibiotics, hormones or any other funny stuff: just a seasonal diet of grain, vegetables, hickory nuts nuts and acorns, grass and hay


Pork by the Side and Whole ($2.75/lb hanging weight + butchering fees)
Will be ready for December 1 (approx)

One of our Tamworth sows, Biggie, nursing her litter of 11 out on pasture.

One of our Tamworth sows, Biggie, nursing her litter of 11 out on pasture.

Ordering freezer pork…


Renegade piglets cleaning up the horse’s spilled oats…

Our pigs are sold by the side, or whole animal.  The lovely thing about pork is the number of different options in processing: hotdogs, smoked pork chops, hams, sausage, bacon and back bacon are all available as part of your order.  We can walk you through what is available, and what is possible for the size of your order.  They are all naturally smoked, and gluten free.

Our pork is sold by the pound @ $2.75/ based on the hanging weight, plus the butchering fees, ($.60/lb), smoked and/or cooked products cost an additional $1.75 per pound.

The specific figures will vary based on the size of the animal and your processing options, but all in all, that’s how it works.

Down Payment and Pick-Up

We ask for a small down payment on pork:  $100/side, $200/whole

We ask that our customers meet us when we return from the butcher with the frozen meat: you will have a week or so of notice in advance of this date.  Your meat will come wrapped and frozen, ready for storage in your deep freeze.

Sign Up for Pork

If you’d like to purchase pork by the side or whole animal for 2018, please fill out the form below – thank you!



  • pighedwe’ll mail you a receipt for your down payment and contact you regarding the specifics of your order
  • the balance of the purchase is due at pick-up – we will let you know in advance the exact amount
  • when it comes to custom orders, the best we can do is to relay your requests to the butcher: there’s not much we can do if things do not come back exactly as you requested
  • butchering fees are subject to change, and will vary between shops (availability sometimes being an issue)
  • please contact Charles if you have any more questions!

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