Vegetable CSA

Community Shared Agriculture -CSA- is a great way to choose to eat.
You get super fresh, healthy food, you get to participate intimately with a local farm, you save money, and you know that every week there’s a bounty of seasonal produce waiting to nourish your family, and to inspire and challenge you in the kitchen.

We now have two formats for our customers choose from,
to sign up:
Traditional CSA Box,
or the new Flexible Farmstand CSA

Considerations for your style of CSA

Traditional CSA Box
You get a big share (8-12 items) every week.

Flexible Farmstand
Come any day of the week, during staffed hours, get whatever you like at the stand.

  • Great if you have a fairly consistent schedule.
  • Great for households that do a lot of home cooking and use plenty of produce.
  • A vegetarian’s dream.
  • Lots of staples (carrots, beets, potatoes etc.) as well as novel varieties (fennel, kohlrabi, etc).
  • Also excellent for splitting between two households.
  • Get exactly what you want – no surprises!
  • Good for smaller households or those home less frequently.
  • Can also be redeemed for bulk orders of crops for preserving/winter storage.
  • Great option if you’re already a regular shopper, but not up for the commitment of regular CSA.

To learn more: read on!

2018 will be Salt of the Earth’s fifth year providing our customers with a bounty of seasonal produce and the opportunity to witness and experience a real working farm.  We strive to grow an abundance of quality vegetables, to serve our clients with friendliness and flexibility, and to share the beauties and realities of a diverse, mixed farm.

What you get with your CSA

IMG_5368CSA is fundamentally seasonal: the week-by-week  crops reflect the arc of the growing season and the prolific variety of what we can produce in our climate.  At the beginning of the season, it’s lots of greens, peas, radishes, baby carrots and new potatoes; come late summer, it’s juicy and sweet peppers, tomatoes and melons, ripened under the hot sun; in the fall, it’s hardy crops like kale and brussels sprouts, and rich squash and root vegetables to keep you warm in the shortening days and cooling weather.

In cropping for you, we strive for three main goals:

Usefulness – Entering our fifth season, we’ve gotten a feel for what our customers value and rely on: the staples.  Carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli etc. are hard not to find a use for, and so we try to make up the bulk of our production with the classics.  That being said, we’ll also keep you on your toes with some surprises – but always with helpful information and recipes!

Quality and Value – We’re building and growing a farm – our CSA members are an essential part of it: your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  We want you to come back next season – not just because you want to support local farms, but because this local farm gives you the best food you can find at a price you can’t find anywhere else.

Abundance – Salt of the Earth is a productive place, as a shareholder in it, we feel our customers are entitled to that bounty.  Expect to enjoy lots of food – we don’t want to just be on a couple of your plates, we want to be where you get all of your vegetables and to have some extra to put away in the freezer for winter.

How it works

IMG_4753This year we’re excited to announce that we are offering two styles of CSA shares: Traditional CSA Box and Flexible Farmstand CSA.

Shares are purchased (ideally) in advance of the growing season.  This secures us, the growers, with operating capital and an assured market.  It secures you, the eater, with a guaranteed supply of the best food you can get.  You can sign up online, and pay us with cheque, e-transfer or cash.  We’re also flexible about different payment options for the Traditional CSA if you’d like to spread the expense out over several months.




5 thoughts on “Vegetable CSA

  1. brother charles incredible your farm impress me this is brother brumaire from halifax Job,s dad i am happy for you that you have prosper good for you and i see hiram is a man you have demonstrate yes you can if i ever in kingston i will definitely drop by to say hi and maybe buy a cow from you because of you and david i caught the same fever the farm is where its at thank you for the milk till this day it was the best God bless you my brother hope to see you maybe this summer if God permit

  2. right on hofully this summer you will get to see my grandson yes Job is a rabbit two bunny,s it is all good you will here from me again may you prosper in Jesus name.bro pierre

  3. Bro Charles no one can disputes the truth that is right before their eyes your produce are catalog and I already know that your not a rookie keep up the good work feed Kingston may God prosper you as you rewrite your future hope to make it one of those days to your farm God bless my brother always

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