One thought on “2021

  1. my brother looking @your farm and succsess you can inspired anyone to be considering to become a farmer your knowledge and passion is clearly evident by your produce and quality i already decided that if God grant me health and strenght i will definitely consult you as a great mentor and authority in farming brother Greenberg has always speak highly of you he also has inspired me both of you has definitely give me enough to go for it and of course sis Jen also she is very knowledgeable as well may God,s blessing and mercy and providence continue to follow you and your family and your farm crew i am still in ottawa looking out for my aging mother i will not leave Ontario until i come to visit your Farm it may not be the promisse Land but i will take it as a great token until the Kingdom of God fully comes in Jesus name my brother stay safe until we see each other again bro.brumaire

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