Maple Syrup

Treat yourself to maple syrup – a delicious local, sustainable sweetener!


Harvested from the maple trees of the unique Frontenac Arch, our maple syrup is boiled over a traditional wood-fired evaporator.  Sugar season is one of the joys of what we would otherwise think of as ‘mud season’, and the product couldn’t be better! Enjoy one of Ontario’s most special products wherever you need a touch of sweet.

Currently, we tap 1000 trees, with room to grow over the coming years. Sap is collected from the maple forest using pipelines, then taken to  the sugar shack for boiling.  The traditional  ‘cupola’ design allows maximum vapour to escape and is a nod to the early sugar makers, who used buckets to collect sap and loaded horse drawn wagons to the sugar house. The sap is boiled for hours to take it from 98% water to 67% sugar, when it can officially be called maple syrup.

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sugar shack