I am always suspicious of farmers on the interweb…

Oftentimes the best farms out there have limited to zero internet presence.  Either they’re too tired at the end of the day to sit down and do the thing, or if they have a website, it’s outdated and homely. There almost seems to be an inverse correlation between farming and website quality…

I love farming.  Love it.  It is a passion in me as strong (and sometimes even stronger) as those to eat and reproduce.  You can tell a lot about a man by the way he farms: a well run operation is the culmination of vision, observation, insight, organization, and hard work; not to mention a good dose of hope and courage.  And for that reason – this is the hardass Dutchman in me – I am always disgusted by a farm with an impressive website and weedy fields.

With all that in mind, however, having attended the “Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference” on Monday and Tuesday of this past week, the importance of social media and internet presence was stressed over and over and over again.  Thick as I am, I noticed.  And it’s true: what good is having a juicy little farm if know one knows about it or how to get your stuff?

So, as I embark upon creating an online presence for Salt of the Earth Farm, I hope to use this medium for the sake of presenting the reality of our farm, and not hype, fantasy or slick packaging.  I’m not super computer savvy, and I don’t have a whole lot of pictures or videos of what I’m up to – because I’ve usually got my hands full of whatever I’m busy with (which is why you might notice that my photos often are of the backsides of horses…).  But I’m gonna try to put something together here – I apologize in advance!

Here is the present quality of my multimedia presentation (using an overhauled disc harrow in advance of garlic planting, and trying to hold a really dirty iphone while driving the team)…

So I here I go.  Stay tuned, wish me luck.  This WordPress thing seems really interactive, so take advantage of it!  That’s is the whole point of this interweb thingy, right? Connections… or being a creep?  HOLLA!

One thought on “I am always suspicious of farmers on the interweb…

  1. Reading this gives me further inspiration to continue developing a little pet project of mine – a website and blog that promotes eating locally in the Kingston area. You, the farmers, are so incredibly busy doing what you do best so that we, the people of Kingston, can eat and savour the fruits of our local earth. I, on the other hand, have lots of time online time to spare. I can sheepishly admit to having spent more time perusing Facebook on any given day than I might like to admit. By diverting some of my online time away from passive creeping to actively supporting that which I value I am realizing that I have some ability to alleviate a bit of the burden you speak of in having that online presence. Thanks for the inspiration!

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