Current Offerings 

We offer beef for sale by the quarter and side, and as our supply allows, by the cut from our freezers. We currently have some inventory – please get in touch about individual cuts to our email and we will arrange pick up or delivery.

Beef Inventory (updated Sept 19th, 2020)

Ground Beef ~ $7/lb

    • T – Bones $20/lb (2 steaks per pack, around $25 per pack)
    • Prime rib steak $18/lb (2 steaks per pack, around $20-25 per pack)
    • Sirloin (2 steaks per pack, range from $12-25 per pack)
    • Round Steak $10/lb (2 steaks per pack, around $15-20 per pack)
    • Filet $30/lb (2 steaks per pack, approx half a pound per pack, around $15-20 per pack)
    • Blade $12/lb (3-4 lbs, $33-36 each roast)
    • Rump Roast $12/lb (3 lbs, around $33 each roast)
    • Cross Rib $12/lb (3 lbs, around $35 per roast)
    • Sirloin Tip $12/lb (3.5 lbs, around $40 per roast)


    • Liver $4/lb
    • Heart $4/lb
    • Tongue $4/lb

Our Meats

Our cattle enjoy the highest quality of life, are free from medications and added hormones, and move all over the farm: managing our grasslands, opening up marginal areas, and grazing cover cropped sections of our fields.  We are blessed with prime thick and rich alfalfa, orchard grass and clover – perfect for achieving fattened cattle on grass.

Moving cattle across public roads with a pail of beer grains... Fun!

Moving cattle across public roads with a pail of beer grains… Fun!

Buying by the Quarter or Side

Shorthorns and Angus strip graze a fresh break of cover crop on next year's strawberry patch.

Shorthorns and Angus stripgraze a fresh break of cover crop on next year’s strawberry patch.Most of us don’t buy meat by the side: but if you’ve got yourself a deepfreeze (or are willing to invest in one), it’s a great way to have affordable, high quality food on hand all of the time.

Our beef is sold by the pound @ $5.50/ based on the hanging weight. This price includes all butchering fees and associated taxes.

For a primer on buying freezer beef for the first time, check out our blog post about it!

We ask for a small down payment on beef to reserve your meat:  $150/quarter, $300/half, $600/whole

Our next batch of beef will harvested in fall 2020.   Sign up early to ensure your supply!

We ask that our customers meet us when we return from the butcher with the frozen meat: you will have notice in advance of this date.  Your meat will come wrapped and frozen: we recommend coolers or sturdy containers to bring it the rest of the way home.

Our Herd


Cattle grazing standing cover crops on a misty morning.


New life means spring is around the corner!We have a small nucleus of breeding animals here at Salt of the Earth.  We raise shorthorn cattle, a heritage breed from the north of England that has gone on to spawn 30+ breeds, and herefords. They respond well to grass feeding and marginal pastures, are excellent mothers and all-around easy keepers.

Sign Up for Beef

We’ll start taking order for fall 2020 in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with any questions about our beef.

The Fine Print

We sell our quarters as “split quarters”  ie: not a front or back quarter, but half of a side evenly distributed in two.

We will help you through the process of choosing your cutting requests. However, feel free to relay them to the butcher directly, especially if you have very specific requests. Also note that some requests need to be relayed before animals leave the farm (e.g. sweet breads, cheeks, tongues).

If you’re going in on beef with friends/family, we communicate with a single “point person”, and also please understand that we do not break down or handle beef in volumes smaller than a quarter.

Please contact  us if you have any questions! We’re happy to give you more information if this is your first time purchasing beef by the quarter.cowhed

3 thoughts on “Beef

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  2. What is the ballpark cost for a 1/4 cow and 1/2 pig, knowing that the size varies. Just trying to get an idea of total cost per allotment.

    Thanks in advance,

    Stephen Wall

    • Hi Steven, thanks for getting in touch. I think we’ve exchanged emails with more details, but I’ll put up a ballpark estimate here for anyone else interested.
      The range on sides of pork for final invoices last year were $300 – $500, depending on the size and final processing. For instance, if you want all the hams/hocks/chops smoked, the butchering costs will go up. For the beef, last year our invoices ranged from $700-$1,000 for a quarter. Thanks for getting in touch!

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